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(I apologize for lack of content, my internship is very demanding and requires me to be on call)

**This journal will contain spoilers for False Haven, somewhat, so if you care at all, do not continue

It seems like whenever people learn more in-depth details about my story, they always wonder why Seth is never shown in the role/light of an absolute hero. The answer for this is very simple, in that Seth is not a hero. He may do heroic things, and his cause can be viewed as heroic, but in the end he's a veritable raging psychopath.

As readers before I nuked my gallery due to grossly outdated content might remember, Seth feels anxious before a battle, almost to the point of elation. While in combat, he also revels in it in true blood knight fashion.…

Those who recall Seth's origins will remember his childhood and teenage sociopathy. He did eventually learn to suppress this, but it manifested as a split personality; One that isn't afraid to dig deep and dredge out more and more of Seth's latent chimera power.
About 3/4 in to the story, Seth would be diagnosed with the limited psychiatric knowledge Saint has with a combination of Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder, both of which were triggered by Seth's underlying psychopathy. (Of course, anyone who could've known that part is long dead by then)

***Major spoiler here***: The story ends with Seth ultimately FAILING, not because he lost the war, but because he finally ends it with a massacre. (Imagine this as an equivalent to using a nuclear bomb.) The last quarter of the story involves Seth coming to terms with what he is, confronting personal demons, settle things with Marcus, and attempting to put an end to his bloodline and the chimeras. It is ultimately a story about nature and instinct vs rationality and willpower, learning to accept one's self and be willing to change it, and an overall underlying message on war, peace, and weapons.

Heroic does not correlate with hero, good does not correlate with nice, and protagonist does not correlate with victory. 


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United States
Hello, I am a computer engineering student who writes stories in his spare time. I would not call myself an author by any means, it's merely a hobby for me. Still, there are those who greatly enjoy my work so I decided to bring it here.

My two main stories are False Haven, the story of a young man gifted, or cursed, with great power and At Journey's End, the story of a half-demon and a destiny he has yet to fulfill.

False Haven has recently been rebooted, so the story is back to square one.
At Journey's End is still in production, though a first chapter should be out soon.

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